IFS therapy books


Please find below a list of literature that will help you get to know and/or learn
more about the Internal Family Systems Therapy:

  • “Internal Family System” – Richard Schwartz

It is a short introduction into the IFS Model, perfect for those who want to learn more about the method without getting into too many details. Worth recommending to people who don’t know much about IFS but are interested in this subject and would like to learn more.

  • “Internal Family Systems Therapy” – Richard Schwartz

It is said to be the most important book on IFS. Published over 20 years ago,
it’s awaiting its new, updated edition. Schwartz presents the IFS model in
detail, including its theoretical assumptions and an extensive description of
the whole process. Targeted at people who want to use the IFS method in their
psychotherapy work with others.

  • “Many Minds, One Self” – Richard Schwartz; Robert R. Falconer

It’s about the shift from the mono-mind paradigm to multiple mind paradigm.
It depicts how the way we think about our mind has changed throughout the
years in such fields as philosophy, psychology and neuroscience. The second
part of the book is devoted to the concepts present in various religions and
spiritual approaches and consistent with the energy of Self. Good for those
who want to expand their knowledge on the theoretical foundation of the IFS

  • “Internal Family Systems: Skills Training Manual” – Frank G. Anderson,
    MD, Martha Sweezy, PhD and Richard C. Schwartz, PhD

A truly practical piece of literature to use in developing skills to use the IFS
model in therapeutic work. It provides many exercises and transcripts of
sample therapeutic sessions.

  • “You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For, Bringing Courageous Love
    To Intimate Relationships” – Richard Schwartz

A marvellous book on relationships and how IFS can help us build healthy
relationships. Its main assumption is that we should not build relationships
expecting from the other party to take care of the parts of our personality that
need attention, instead, we should learn to take care of our inner parts on our
own and enter into a relationship feeling whole and complete. The book is
currently being translated into Polish and will soon be published in Poland.

  • “Self-Therapy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Wholeness and Healing
    Your Inner Child Using IFS. A New, Cutting-Edge Psychotherapy” – Jay

An extensive, comprehensible book on the basics of IFS in the context of self-
therapy. It has a nice flow and is pleasant to read. Good for both those who
want to use the IFS method on their own at home and those who want to learn
something more about IFS than just the general information. It has been
followed by two sequels “Self-therapy Vol. 2” and “Self-therapy Vol. 3”.

  • “Intimacy from the Inside Out” – Toni Herbine-Blank, Donna
    Kerpelman, Martha Sweezy

Couple therapy with the IFS model.

  • “Internal Family Systems with Children” – Lisa Spiegel

The book about how the IFS model can change the way we perceive relations
between parents and children and how to help children to get to know and
understand their inner parts.

  • “Innovations and Elaborations in Internal Family Systems Therapy” and
    “Internal Family Systems Therapy: New Dimensions” – edited by
    Martha Sweezy and Ellen Ziskind

Both books are anthologies of articles written by various IFS therapists,
introducing new perspectives and innovative solutions. For those who are
familiar with the IFS model.

  • “Freedom from Your Inner Critic. A Self-Therapy Approach” – Jay

The book presents the 7 types of the inner critic and ways to deal with them.
All the above pieces of literature are available for purchase on the IFS Institute website (www.selfleadership.org/ifs-store.html) as both print
books and e-books, as well as on Amazon.

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The IFS Polska Project has been started by Michael Pasterski, social skills coach who runs a popular blog, of over 1 million readers, on psychology, education and personal development MichalPasterski.pl.

Michael has accomplished the first level of education of the Internal Family Systems Model and as a practitioner of IFS Model runs individual and couples therapy with IFS.

The aim of the IFS Polska Project is to introduce and popularize the IFS Model in Poland and make it a well-recognisable method of self-therapy and psychotherapy.