By Michael Pasterski In IFS Certification

By completing training, you earn an IFS certificate that proves you have
mastered certain skills at a high level. The certificate ensures that you are a
competent IFS practitioner, familiar with the method’s assumptions and
qualified to use it. Certification is necessary to distinguish you from people
who don’t have the appropriate preparation and those who are still learning
the basics. Of course, learning to be a psychotherapist or a coach is a lifetime
process but certificates show that you have obtained proficiency in the

There are two categories of IFS Certification – IFS Therapist and Certified IFS
Practitioner. They differ slightly and the basic requirements for both groups
are the most important thing here. This division is crucial to distinguish
practitioners with clinical experience from the ones who don’t have one.
However, it doesn’t cover all the levels of IFS training.

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The IFS Polska Project has been started by Michael Pasterski, social skills coach who runs a popular blog, of over 1 million readers, on psychology, education and personal development MichalPasterski.pl.

Michael has accomplished the first level of education of the Internal Family Systems Model and as a practitioner of IFS Model runs individual and couples therapy with IFS.

The aim of the IFS Polska Project is to introduce and popularize the IFS Model in Poland and make it a well-recognisable method of self-therapy and psychotherapy.