IFS courses worldwide



Are you interested in IFS? Would you like to start using the IFS model in your
self-therapy or your psychotherapy work with clients? In order to ensure
high-quality and safe services and be able to refer to yourself as an IFS
therapist, it is necessary to complete appropriate trainings through IFS course and pass exams.

IFS Institute offers progressive levels of training in IFS,
divided into 3 levels, and provides a clear set of actions to obtain the IFS


The training program provides high quality of training but at the same time, its
flexibility. You don’t need to finish level 3 of IFS course to start using the IFS model with
others. Quite the contrary, having finished level 1 you are advised to introduce
IFS to your practice without delay and run IFS sessions for people in need.
This is the best way to learn and develop, and also to help your clients.

IFS Institute offers progressive levels of training through IFS courses, from beginning (Level 1) through advanced (Level 3). As a participant in these trainings you will learn both IFS theory and technique, thus gaining the knowledge and skills you need to understand and actively use IFS with individuals, couples, children, families, and groups.


Level 1

Level 1 trainings are comprehensive programs in which participants develop
an understanding of the conceptual basis of IFS and learn how to apply IFS
techniques to various clinical populations. Participants are also invited to
explore their own inner worlds within a training’s safe, nurturing context.
A group of experienced IFS trainers teaches Level 1. They use a wide variety of
lectures, experiential exercises, video review, group discussions, as well as
small group supervision and practice sessions.

Level 2

Once you have completed Level 1, you gain access to more specialized
trainings, which offer opportunities to develop your expertise with IFS in a
variety of content areas and with different clinical populations. With time, you can take as many available topic trainings as you wish. Level 2 offers both
Multi-Topic and Intensive trainings
Multi-topic Level 2s cover four content areas in one training, including
“Strengthening Skills and Advanced Techniques,” “Working with Trauma,”
Working with Multiple Systems,” and “The Therapeutic Relationship and
Spiritual Aspects of IFS”.
Intensive trainings focus on one topic for the entire training so that you can
explore it in-depthly. For instance, “Deepening and Expanding with IFS” offers
you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself more fully in the core aspects
of IFS practice and experience. Other Level 2 Intensive IFS trainings concern
such subject areas as: “IFS Addiction and Eating Disorders“, “IFS Trauma and
Neuroscience” and “Intimacy from the Inside Out”.

Level 3

This level of training offers specialized retreats. Level 2 graduates work intensively with
fellow advanced practitioners to further develop their knowledge of IFS and
hone their skills with its techniques. You are a good fit for Level 3 if your goal
is not only to become a better therapist, but also to:

  • Hold Self-energy in daily life and when provoked.
  • Clarify your vision for your career and life path.
  • Practice giving and receiving Self-led feedback.
  • Explore your spirituality.
  • Create a small, Self-led community.

The format includes demonstration, experiential group exercise, large and
small group discussion, extended mediation, and intensive personal work.

o nas

The IFS Polska Project has been started by Michael Pasterski, social skills coach who runs a popular blog, of over 1 million readers, on psychology, education and personal development MichalPasterski.pl.

Michael has accomplished the first level of education of the Internal Family Systems Model and as a practitioner of IFS Model runs individual and couples therapy with IFS.

The aim of the IFS Polska Project is to introduce and popularize the IFS Model in Poland and make it a well-recognisable method of self-therapy and psychotherapy.