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Burden – a difficult emotion or a destructive belief about yourself or the world, acquired by an inner part as a result of a painful event or relation from the past (most often from childhood). Part – a part of our psyche, or a sub-personality, which demonstrates its own emotions, thoughts, motivations and memories. Self-like part – a part that has certain qualities of the Self (by...

IFS therapy books


Please find below a list of literature that will help you get to know and/or learn more about the Internal Family Systems Therapy: “Internal Family System” – Richard Schwartz It is a short introduction into the IFS Model, perfect for those who want to learn more about the method without getting into too many details. Worth recommending to people who don’t know much about IFS but are...

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The IFS Polska Project has been started by Michael Pasterski, social skills coach who runs a popular blog, of over 1 million readers, on psychology, education and personal development

Michael has accomplished the first level of education of the Internal Family Systems Model and as a practitioner of IFS Model runs individual and couples therapy with IFS.

The aim of the IFS Polska Project is to introduce and popularize the IFS Model in Poland and make it a well-recognisable method of self-therapy and psychotherapy.